Learning Unreal Engine 3 UE3 Editor

Console Commands


You can bring up the in-game console by pressing the Tab key. This allows you to do some really useful things, like give yourself weapons, spawn bots, and get some performance measurements. You can repeat previous console commands by opening up the console and using the up and down arrow keys.


What follows is a list of some of the most common and useful console commands for testing. Most are self-explanatory, so I wont go crazy with explaining what each one does. Commands highlighted in red are the ones most commonly used in testing.


Note that this isnt a complete list, and that Ive only included common testing commands. (Normal gameplay commands, like Say, are purposely omitted.)


Player superpower commands


loaded (all weapons + all ammo)
playersonly (pauses gameplay, but you can still move around)

Bot commands

addbots [value]


Viewmodes (rendering and performance modes)

viewmode lit

viewmode unlit

viewmode wireframe

viewmode lightingonly

viewmode lightcomplexity

viewmode texturedensity

viewmode shadercomplexity

viewmode (returns to normal when given no parameter)


Performance/framerate reporting commands

stat fps
stat scenerendering

stat memory

stat engine


Show commands

show collision

show bsp

show staticmeshes

show postprocess

show particles

show foliage

show rigidbody


Screen and camera commands

behindview (toggles 3rd person view)

setres [value] (value is in form 640x480)

fov [value] (value is in degrees, default is 90)


Other commands

shot (takes a screenshot)

slomo [value] (1 is normal game speed, <1 is slower, >1 is faster)






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