Learning Unreal Engine 3 - UE3 Editor


This guide is intended to teach you the basics of the UE3 editor.  The “Basic Editor Usage” section is meant to be read in order, from front to back, assuming you’re learning from scratch.  Later topics are more specialized, and meant to be read as you need them.


I also created a training DVD for the Unreal Development Kit. The DVD goes into a lot more depth than these tutorials, so if you're interested, click here

Basic Editor Usage

Basic Navigation

The Generic Browser

Your First Level Part 1 (Learning CSG)

Your First Level Part 2 (Testing and Texturing)

Adding Gameplay

Running, Testing, and Distributing your Map

Importing Custom Assets

Working with Packages (Importing and Creating Assets)

Importing Custom Meshes

Importing Custom Textures

Advanced Topics



Material Basics

Material Basics 2

Skydomes and Non-Playable Space

Height Fog and Atmosphere

Fixing Common Errors and Bugs


List of Console Commands

Finaling Checklist

Useful Links

Epic UT3 forums - Check sub-forums for editor/mapping/modding discussion

BeyondUnreal Mapping Forums - A large mapping community

UnrealPlayground UT3 Forums - Sub-forums for various editor and modding topics

IceCreamYou UnrealEd Links - A large collection of links to UnrealEd topics organized by subject

Useful Forum Threads

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UT3 Mapping For Dummies PART II Q's 21-30 - Continued FAQs

Preparing UT3 maps for publishing and distribution - How to get your map into the game and out to the community


Have Questions? Look here first - UT3Ed FAQ - More FAQs

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